Sharpen your mind

Only 1% finish the Daily Challenge, Will you?

Playing Word puzzle game New Daily Crossword sharpens your mind, improves your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.


Train your brain

Escape and relax your brain by visiting the beautiful relaxing backgrounds!

Starting off easy, this word game will keep you immersed in pure word bliss. With unlimited tries, you can go on and on, taking your word wisdom to new heights!


Challenging Levels

The goal of this puzzle is using the given letters, combine them and make them into a word. Just hover the mouse over to connect the letters to combine a correct word! When hidden words found, you can use the clue to help finding other words and solve the word puzzle.

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Key Features


Enjoy!- Stunning graphic and beautiful animated and relaxing landscapes.

- 3000+ challenging levels

- Suitable for both kids and adults to train word search skills

- Difficulty increases along with levels

- Explore wonderful landscapes and challenge your mind!

- 30+ Amazing relaxing backgrounds


Train your mind with amazin brain training educational word game!

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